Zen Bar Juice Labels

About the project

KARMA has worked on several projects with Zen Bar. Redesigning their juice labels was our first collaboration with this juice and smoothie bar in South Florida. Zen Bar needed a more professional looking label for their cold-pressed organic juices. The objective was to create a bright,? authentic look for their brand, which would capture the customer?s eye and help increase sales.


Zen Bar?s current logo needed an identity built around it for their new juice labels. Their current labels utilized a set of icons to quickly identify each juice, which was something we wanted to keep as a vital element for the new design. It was also important to place the ingredient list in front, so customers can easily make a selection without needing to open the case. This placement also emphasized that their juices were made of 100% clean ingredients, which is a significant selling point.


KARMA gave Zen Bar?s juice labels a fresh new look featuring bright, vibrant colors and a genuine feel that naturally reflects their local organic cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and acai bowls. We also created new icons and a color scheme for each flavor, which helps customers easily identify the juices when displayed on the shelf.


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