Zen Bar Juice Labels

About the project

A label re-design was the initial reason Zen Bar reached out to us. They were planning on updating their bottle and wanted a more professional looking label for their cold-pressed organic juices. The juice and smoothie bar had a logo they wished to keep, but no real identity around it. We worked with them to create a bright and authentic look for their brand that would stand out on the shelf.

The Challenge

The client wished to keep their current logo, but needed an identity built around it for their new packaging. Their current packaging was utilizing a set of icons to easily identify each juice, which was something the client wished to keep as an element on the new design. They also wished to keep the list of ingredients on the front so customers could easily make a selection without needing to open the case. This placement also emphasized the fact that the juices were of limited, clean ingredients and that the brand was proud of that.

A Fresh New Look

The local juice and smoothie bar had a logo it wished to keep, but that needed an official identity to go along with it. We gave Zen Bar a fresh new look featuring bright, vibrant colors and an authentic feel that reflects their local organic cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and acai bowls. We utilized a clean, bright design and a new font that speaks to the local, hand-made feel of the brand and their delicious juices and smoothies. We also created new icons for each flavor and went with a color scheme for each flavor to further help identify them on the shelf.

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