Vivitris Website

About the project

Vivitris’ mission is to improve everyone’s quality of life by providing everyday natural and organic preventative medicines. They are committed to quality and began the company out of the dissatisfaction of the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. Being an e-commerce business, what they really needed was a strong online presence that spoke to their values and mission.

The Challenge

Being that they already had a website up, we needed to pull all of the information from it to reformat and update the way it was presented. The previous site did not tell their story well or inform the visitor what it is they did or sold so that was one key element we had to bring forward.

The Solution

We did a complete overhaul of the site and their branding to help convey their mission clearly to the user. The site was naturally built to be fully responsive, which the previous site lacked, and we incorporated all new imagery to complete the website redesign.

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