Pulled Pork Project Truck Wrap

The truck wrap design for this client was done following the design of their logo. They came to us already knowing they needed the truck wrap, so with that in mind we created the branding of the logo around the truck wrap design. They needed branding that would work well on the food truck wrap and stand out in a lot among many other food trucks. After completing the logo and truck wrap designs, we also created business cards for them that kept with the new branding we established for the business.

The Process







What to Expect


Before any design work can be done on a project, and any official quote can be sent, there is a design consultation. This can be done via phone, email, Skype, or even text message! The purpose of the consultation is to get clear on the full scope of the design project, everything that will need to be done on both our end and yours, if any printing is needed, and whatever else may be relevant to your needs so that we can get a good grasp of what you are hoping to achieve with your design project.

After we have a clear idea of what your design needs are, we can give you an official quote. (Estimate pricing on popular graphic design projects can be found here.) If you are interested in letting us handle any printing, we can provide a preliminary estimate on printing as well. Most of the time only 50% of the quote total is due to begin your design project. Along with the quote, details about included edit rounds and what files you will receive once the project is approved will be emailed.

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